Disappointment, frustration and downright annoyance

It just gets bloody worse…this is rewrite number 2. The first edition went the way of the swan due to me dropping my Blackberry and cracking the screen. The first re-write was about ten mins ago…when I deleted the bloody thing. Accidentally, as I’d spent an hour on it.

Naturally it wasn’t meant to be, so I’ll attempt to improve on it with this post.

Most blogs have a beginning, middle and end so we’ll start here at the beginning…now…ish.

So, I’ve been unplugged a bit this weekend, no blackberry (due to the aforementioned accident) and we’ve had plenty to do so I used a few mins this morning to catch up on the rumour mill. Apparently Joe Cole isn’t coming to us now…nor Manyoo….though he’s said he’ll decide after the World Cup. I’ve got a bit of a deal-breaker (or at least, my fears may be confirmed) the much maligned Transfer-linked section of Arsenal.com displayed the following


After posting http://www.arsenal.com/news/transfer-links/transfer-linked-gourcuff-cole-and-powell

A double-mention, a double-bluff? Who knows…time will tell I guess.

Another bit of HOT news, Arshavin labelled last season as pitiful. Well I bloody agree with him. I’m pleased he’s able to be objective. He didnt feel like he was as effective as he could be and with the injuries we suffered Arsenal did not achieve what it was capable of achieving. As a professional he has analysed the season and decided its not good enough to come 3rd and trailing by 11 points is not where he wants to be, he’s a winner, he got used to winning in Russia and he came to Arsenal to win more things.

I believe there are a few players who need to take his attitude on board and look at themselves. We did not play as well as we could when we needed to. I love the Up for Grabs Podcast and too often I found myself laughing in total agreement with them. Our keepers are not good enough. We need another quality centre-back and we need someone to grab the game by the scruff in midfield.

I love Arsenal, I love the way we play football, but lets be honest, who likes losing to Bolton, Hull and the like?

I believe in the Arsenal Product, I can see that we arent far away, but how long will our best players wait? Thats the real question behind all of this. How long are you guys prepared to wait?

Comments below!! 🙂

p.s. Sorry its a bit negative…I’m a bit tired and cheesed off now…happier post tomorrow I promise!! – WiganGooner

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