Defoe shin 1 : Slovenia 0

Football, at its very essence is a simple game. You take your foot, conveniently attached to the end of your leg and swing it, with a certain amount of controlled venom at a ball. The ensuing kinetic power exchange pushes the ball through the air at a speed directly related to the force applied by your foot.

Using the above method you can kick the ball to a team-mate (a pass) or kick it at the goal (a shot) with the opposition goal (a rectangular net, set vertically to present a target).

I think the Defoe strike was the best of simple, effective football. Milner hit a great cross between the defence and the keeper. Defoe ran across his defender (textbook) to meet the ball first and it hit his shin, the keeper was well beaten by it and fumbled it into the net.

Not an expressive, 30 pass maneuver. No passing it across the 18yrd box. Simple, effective football that would create goals at any level of football.

England today owes its continued run in the world cup to Milner, Defoe’s shin and the confidence it brought out in the rest of them. Perhaps maybe the quiz night and beer helped too?

I think we are fortunate, but even lucky teams win games, so bring on the Germans!!


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  1. Shin…= Skill = GOAL…….Yid Army Go Marching on carrying our players to the War..Bring On Sunday When Defoe Scores More….YID ARMY….

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