As predicted in my last post, I did get rather innebriated and therefore was unable to write this post yesterday. Mainly because I couldn’t remain conscious for any real length of time.

However, I will muddle through this now.

Firstly, yesterday we saw Premier League debut’s for Kozza and Chamakh…I think they played really well, Chamakh was a bit isolated but he worked really hard and forced the error from Reina, 100% effort from the first second til the last, I was impressed by him and I think we’ll see a lot of good things from him this year. The Adebayor comparisons being made I think don’t do him as much credit as I’d like as I can see there is much more to his game than being a tall striker..His work-rate is excellent and his movement is very intelligent, always looking to pull the defenders about. I really think he will do well for us this year.

Our second debutant, Koscielny was awesome yesterday. I think he was swift across the ground, composed when required and fitted in well with the rest of the defence and even lost his composure when the rest of the defence did – what a team player!!

Humour aside, it was a good point to take home yesterday. Starting the season away from home against a top half side is harsh and we did well. Almunia did nothing to change my mind on his future, his performance perfectly summed up the best and worst of his game in equal measure. The best, his diving saves and bar-tipping action was all on display and he saved well. The worst, his positioning and handling of crosses was there for all to see..the Liverpool goal was bad positioning mixed with sloth-like reactions that I struggle to forgive.

If we haven’t signed another ‘keeper by next Saturday then I would hope Wenger sticks Fabianski in, Almunia looked lost at times and I think his head is elsewhere…probably in his “happy place”. Fabianski whilst not showering himself in gold, I think is a greater prospect and I think Almunia knows it.

So, lets bring on the Tangerines on Saturday and give them a spanking to show them what life in the prem is all about…we need a result similar to Chelski’s lesson to West Brom, we’re at home and its my birthday..I want to see a cracker!

I’ll put up a post midweek, previewing the game and mulling over the transfer guff.

Til then Gooners!


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