Cracking result, Walcott impresses and Giroud throws off the monkey

It was like a carbon copy of the goal attempt against Olympiakos last Wednesday. On that Champions League night the cross came in from the right and Giroud, showing his centre-forward instincts, flung himself towards the ball and with a deft touch volleyed towards the goal.

On that occasion the volley was right down the throat of the

6 thoughts on “Cracking result, Walcott impresses and Giroud throws off the monkey”

  1. Hi, I haven’t visited this blog before, but you have a very nice writing style and you make many incisive points. I shall be back!

  2. really well written post WG, i echo the first commenter. the only sour point is the link to myles palmer. no no no. the man is an ego-driven twit.

    1. Hi S.O.C

      Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it. With regards to Myles, I guess I have a grudging respect for the guy. He writes what he thinks and isn’t afraid of the backlash. It takes balls to stand there and pillory something that so many hold dear. That said, I certainly don’t always agree with him. His notion about football being about sequences is something that I do agree with. Football is an ego sport, a confidence sport and a team that won the last game is more likely to get a positive result than the team that got hammered the game before.

      I am a much more positive Arsenal blogger, a glass half full person and because I love Arsenal more than he does (he has repeatedly said he’s not a fan) I get more involved in it, I immerse myself in it and I hope that comes through in my writing. I have to see the positives in everything Arsenal because I can’t see any reason being depressed about it.

      Mind you, there isn’t a lot to be depressed about at the moment!! Happy times!!

      Again, thank you for commenting, please feel free to do so again 🙂


  3. Nice report Wiggy.

    I’ve been away for the long weekend (here in Canada) and have just been catching up with everything.

    Drawing attention to AW’s past use of Mark Hately is very astute. And I love the “Dennis Triangle” 🙂

    Everything you say about Santi is true, but the return of Wilshere would help us cover for any future absence. It wouldn’t be like-for-like (you can’t replace Santi!) but Arteta-Wilshere-and one of Diaby, Ramsey, Coq, Rosicky etc would be OK.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      Thank you very much 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your break. I am salivating at the prospect of Wilshire and Santi in the same side. I wonder whether it would work. Arteta would have to work his defensive heart out I think, but then if we keep the ball with Jack and Santi pulling the strings then it won’t be a problem.

      I am looking forward to the return of Rosicky, a player who really propped us up last season and provided moments of absolute quality. Again, he and Santi working together in midfield is the stuff of dreams.

      We are totally, totally blessed and very fortunate that we have a manager so astute to firstly go in for Cazorla last season, then when rebuffed, kept his faith and finally snagged him this year.

      Cazorla is a great player, just as Arsene is a great manager for identifying and having the integrity and reputation in the sport that Cazorla wanted to play for him.


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