It’s all doom and gloom. 3rd, or 4th position, the possibility of having to qualify to enter the Champions League, Nasri might be off, Cesc might be off, where will it end?

Well hopefully, Denilson, Bendtner, Rosicky and Diaby might all be off too and that is where the positivity comes in. The problem with Arsenal this season is not in the first team, because our best eleven is one of the best in the Premiership. It is found in the rest of the squad. It is littered with players who just are not cut out for the Premier League, for Arsenal at least.

Denilson, a talented footballer who can tackle, pass and maintain possession has stalled in his progression. Comfort breeds complacency and I think he must realise he needs to move on to re-ignite his career which showed such early promise. I don’t think anyone can deny he has potential, but he needs to start showing it in games.

Diaby is an enigma in as such that he rarely strings two similar performances together. This is largely down to a lack of match fitness mixed in with regular injuries. If he could string 10 games together I think he could become a real asset, but its his inability to stay fit thats killing him as a player for us.

Rosicky, master of the one-touch game also dubbed the Little Mozart has I think played his last games for Arsenal. As a player I love him, I think his vision, movement and ability to link play and zip first time passes about is unparallelled in the Arsenal squad. However it seems the injuries and his time on the sidelines has taken its toll and he has been superseded in the squad by the likes of Wilshire, Rambo and Nasri.

All three midfielder’s will free up space in the squad for the returning Frimpong, Lansbury and I expect young Conor Henderson to be given more time in the Carling Cup next year.

Bendtner for me epitomises everything that is wrong with Arsenal 2010-2011. He thinks he has the ability to be the best in the world and that given game time he will show it. He doesn’t deliver on this often enough or Wenger couldn’t leave him out, or park him out on the wing.

Arsene puts Bendtner on the wing to try and turn him into a player who realises that you need a team to win things. He realised very early on that Bendtner’s ego needed tapering down and needed to be correctly focused. Thus all the games out wide, to give Bendtner more to his game than being a lanky striker. In fairness to Nik, he has taken this on and he has got better at running at players and his work-rate has improved, but if he still isn’t good enough to force Arsene’s hand and make him pick him in the first eleven then he should go. His ego writes cheques that his ability can’t back up at the moment and I think its time for him to move on.

I want to talk about Carlos Vela, but since I don’t want him to leave yet, that will be on the next article – Player’s who need to buck their idea’s up/change their game.

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