The media is in a void of actual football news at the moment. In these times of stress and frustration the tabloid press feed us false hope and rumours aplenty and we can’t get enough of it.

We yearn for positive news, yet all we hear is Clichy is going to Citeh, Nasri is off to Citeh, ManYoo or Chelski and Cesc is perpetually responding to Barca’s fluttering eyelashes like a drunk staring at his next glass of alcohol.

I am sick of it to be honest. Perhaps some positive news might change my mood, but at the moment nothing can shift my Arsenal malaise.

To be clear if Cesc goes I will be sad, yet also glad the saga is over. I just don’t want them to get him on the cheap. We’re not skint and don’t need the money.

The Nasri situation also irks me. We put a lot of money into him and this situation should never have got this far. His contract should have been resolved last summer.

It’s embarrassing that we are in the situation of possibly having to give up a real star-in-the-making because our administration didn’t tie him down.

It seems we’re still not that wise after the Flamini saga. Though I’d rather sell him than lose him for free, I’d rather not have to make that decision at all.

Is Gervinho the answer? Is he Nasri’s replacement-in-waiting? If we sign him will Arsene sanction the sale of Nasri?

I’m not against a changing of the guard at Arsenal, we need fresh focus, a fresh determination and some steel underneath to back it up. I also want a more mixed dressing room, I’m not convinced the french clique is working. We’re seeing it more and more in the modern game, mercenaries chasing the money rather than the desire to win.

I’ll be honest, I’d change jobs for more money, so in that respect I cannot blame Nasri and Clichy for wanting more. It’s a short career and you have to take as much as you can out of it.

I just want more Robin’s, more Vermaelen’s. I want more steel that wants to be at Arsenal because we are a great club that plays great football. In all this negativity we forget how good we are, that shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

I’m proud to be a Gooner, warts and all. At least I’m not a Scouser or a Tottnumb scumbag, now that would be depressing.