..Are you having a laugh?

What is the obsession with these mediocre players we keep being linked with? Do we really lack the transfer ambition to go for a real defender. Is Samba the answer? For me, only if it’s halfway through a Zumba class and don’t get me started on that either.

There are some awesome defenders scattered across the world and the Media and Blogosphere is concentrating on Samba? Madness.

We have money to spend, Arsene knows who he wants and I will eat my own arm if we sign Christopher Samba. Yes the guy is a mountain, but he also moves like one. He isn’t technically good enough and with all the reported interest his price will have sky-rocketed.

I think we owe it to Arsene to let him sort it out. He is already making waves across Europe with the people he is willing to let go and the generated income from that will certainly be re-invested, before we even look at the transfer budget.

I will tell you this, as always the transfer’s will be surprising. Arsene has a touch of the theatre about him. He likes his drama and intrigue and he loves springing a surprise signing that noone expects.

Personally, I expect Oxlade-Chamberlain to be here by pre-season. I have it on good authority that he’s ready to sign and its just about numbers and add-ons between the two boards.