Chelski win – still in the race – how poor is our preperation?!?

Whats the state of the Premier League nation? Chelski are having a stuttering stop-start season this year…and I love to see it. They were back with a bang last night against Bolton.

My thought for the day is this, how lucky are we to still be in the race and still be challenging?

Noone is setting the league on fire, this has really helped us recover from daft losses to Newcastle, West Brom etc. The Arsenal engine room is really starting to turn it on now with key players hitting form now when we need them. All we need is luck to keep them fit. Can we be lucky enough this season?

If we do finish this season well and win a couple of trophies, maybe the league will everyone paper over the cracks in our squad? Will they suddenly be winners instead of also-rans?

I’m still not convinced ManYoo will remain unbeaten because they still aren’t performing well, albeit they are grinding out results. So we have to be on the money for the rest of the season. Starting tonight. We need a result and we need to take our fight to Ipswich and show them its not going to be a repeat of the first leg. They need to see the Premier League Arsenal.

A quick point….Every player that has come out talking about the Leeds games and the Ipswich game has said that they were suprised by both teams…thats a massive lack of preperation. Even in sunday league we had an idea of who we were playing and now to tackle them.

Were the West Brom and Newcastle games the result of similar poor prep?


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