Cesc, Walcott, England and hopeful things..

Fab4 – A hero in red and white.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting fed up with the whole Cesc situation. Radical I know, but if he wants to go, I’d rather get a decent chunk of money for him and get someone in who wants to play for us.

I’m not talking about accepting peanuts(or any of the nut family..including Peter Hill-Wood), the 30mil being bandied about is not worth scratching my nuts over, if Ronaldo is worth 80 million, Berbatov 27-odd then certainly Fabregas, a young yet extremely experienced central playmaker with 19 goals in all competitions and 15 assists has to be worth a chunk? Certainly balancing that against Berba’s 12 goal super-haul in 2009-2010 I think Fab comes out very favourably indeed, in the ball park of 50-60 million I reckon.

So for me, play hardball, tell them you dont want to sell but might start talking at 55 million pounds (not euros) and a player. A decent stand to negotiate from.

However, I’m also yet to be convinced this isn’t all just Media-spin. I await a call from Cesc to my personal mobile to confirm or deny, you’ll hear it here first. Similar to the Merida thing…I don’t want him to go. I think he’ll be ace. I saw him in his first game for us at Boreham Wood a few years back and he rifled in a 30-yarder. He looks composed, one-paced (unfortunately) but very creative and he’s got a great shot on him. I’ll be sad to see him drop off the Arsenal Website. Thats the only time I’ll believe it.

England – a few musings

I struggle generally to get as excited about England as I do about Arsenal, I’m sure this is mainly to do with certain players that play for England that I dislike for various reasons and I’m clearly very passionate about Arsenal and there ain’t room in my heart for two teams and the missus…somethings got to give.

I watched the game against Mexico with a healthy detached view. A few things struck me naturally I’m sure these were just experimentations by Capello – a manager I admire for his tenacity and his tactical nounce.

1) Milner in central midfield? – It seemed that this really killed his game, a wasted 80 or so minutes (you’ll note I’m not very exact) for a tenacious, talented Winger.

2) Walcott – Another game for him where it was “Unlucky Theo”…So many things were “almost” there, the through ball for Rooney (should have kept himself onside, he was in acres of space) after his dinking run and his layoff for Glen Johnson’s run and then finish was an excellent piece of under-pressure passing. I think the press have been a bit harsh, indeed everything I’ve read about it has suggested that he under-performed, as a 21yr old still learning his trade (bearing in mind he’s always been a striker until he got to Arsenal) I think he did ok. An assist is a good day out for a Winger, especially when you consider what a Winger is supposed to do – 1) Create goal scoring opportunities for the team. 2) Attack the full-back and stop him from attacking. 3) Track the full back and try and help defend when required.

I think he did the above OK, he didnt perform to his potential but he wasn’t anonymous and was a threat.

3) Defoe – he’s an 18yrd box player and hasn’t got the strength or height to effectively challenge in the air. He lacks the pace to be able to run behind a high defence and he cant link effectively with Rooney. Should Rooney get injured however he would be able to work alongside Crouch or Heskey providing they work for all the high balls and he can collect the Knock downs so I’d take him to be that backup player, or an impact player – not the Shoo in that everyone thinks he is.

4) Capello – I ‘m still impressed by him, he does have an aura of “Don’t mess with me” and I like it. It has killed off the pampering of England stars and I think England will do well at the World Cup…luck willing. In Rob Green we have a good keeper and I think he could win games on his own.

Thats all folks, have fun, play safe and don’t play on the rails.


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