Mark Lawrenson sometimes makes a good point. Mainly “The Netherlands”. I much prefer to call them Holland, so for the purposes of this article and later ones I will keep this as my nickname for them, a pet name for someone that frustrates me.

There’s nothing interesting happening in the world of tabloid media as it again begins to focus on the World Cup for a few days, whilst busying itself with Hodgson and his appointment at Liverpool. Notably he has stated that he’d like his key players to stay, saying that they gave their time to previous managers so its only fair they give him a shot…sounds a bit schoolboy to me..

The usual characters have voiced their approval, perennial warrior Carragher has popped up with his zimmerframe

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of working with Roy Hodgson,” said Carragher.

“He’s got a great reputation and is one of the most experienced managers in the world.

“After this period of uncertainty, his appointment has given us all a lift.”

His “experience” is hardly in question, his performances in Fulham’s cup run last year were extremely good. However, I wonder whether he should have waited until new ownership of Liverpool was in place….*shrugs*..I dont really care but at least he should bring a level of competition out of Liverpool that Benitez didn’t. Though hopefully not until after we give them a damn good thrashing..

On the WC, there are some great games today and I have the following Predo’s….I generally have tried not to do this before as I wholly expect to be wrong but;

Holland v Brazil : Predict Holland win, but I’d bet on Brazil…the odds are in Hollands favour and personally I predict Holland to get the result, but smart money is on Brazil..

Uruguay v Ghana : Predict Ghana win, I think they’re really powerful, fast team. If they stuck it in the net more I’d put money on them.

Muchos Luck to Andy Murray today, I feel that Nadal might give him a kicking.