Captain Xhaka, late to the party but he’s brought his own beer.

So Emery has finally announced Granit Xhaka as the Club Captain.

It came as no surprise to me given his propensity to give him the armband on several occasions this season but the furore from the Fanbase has been at it most vicious and divided.

Once again there’s an amazing lack of nuance and understanding. On the internet you say? I know.. I know. In a social media, media conglomerate world where a tiny girl from Sweden who’s trying to change the world is simulatenously a dangerous activist, a tool of politics, an inspiration or misguided, how on earth can there be a lack of nuance. Worth mentioning I think she’s incredible.

It’s either Xhaka is shit, or he’s great.

Simply put the truth is a wonderful mixture of both. He speaks well, means well, wants to do well can pass a ball practically wherever he needs to but also has the turning circle of an aroused Rhino, the rashness of an over eager Bull in a China shop and has an innate ability to make folks hate him. I don’t. I don’t hate anyone, it’s exhausting.

Emery hopes this will bring a greater level of performance from Xhaka.

So do I.


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