Can Willock and Guendouzi handle it?

Fast forward a year. Just one. Hover boards are in, we’ll be able to summon food via Alexa and it will materialise in front of us. Technology is king and VAR rules our very existence. Was I late for work, VAR reviewed it and said Yes, were there mitigating circumstances, did VAR care? No, you’re on-time until you’re not.

Arsenal are playing Manchesterton United, the bizare amalgamation of Everton and ManYoo, trying to get a strangle hold of football in the North West of Engerland. An Island like never before thanks to the freedom enhancing Brexit. Which is a fucking disaster, but that is for another day.

In the Arsenal midfield are two young midfielders, both swift across the ground and powerful. They are minded to move the ball forwards progressively, but both are capable of roughing it up as well and they proceed to batter the Manchesterton midfield. Iwobi, an early exiteer from the EmeryArsenal ranks was flummoxed by their movement and tenacity.

Is this some kind of fever dream?

Probably. Well most likely to be honest.

That said, if you read the paragraph above and forgive my artistic licence, is it that far-fetched that Willock and Guendouzi can do that. Because we’ve already seen that they can.

What will the rest of the team look like around that, well we can all hope that Pepé, Aubameyang and Lacazette will be in front of them to fire us on to the title. Behind, Torreira mopping up in front of the solid back four comprising Tierney, Holding, Luiz and Bellerin and further back Leno between the sticks.


I can see that team. I can imagine the football. I believe in what that can do.

Josh Kroenke said “Be excited

I am.


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