21 thoughts on “Breaking news : No one is coming to Arsenal”

  1. It’s not only you. I can’t keep away although I’m certain nothing will happen at Arsenal. But that little seed of hope just won’t die.

  2. I had the same feeling. You cant expect a coach who, just few days ago, advocated for the banning of the January transfer window, to buy any player at all. We have a problem because we have a coach and board that do not seem to see that we cant compete with top clubs in Europe now. Even players, choices of where they go tell you a lot how Arsenal has dilapidated over the years. If today a quality player wanted to leave his club and two teams, Arsenal included, wanted him, he would surely not choose us.

  3. I am no different to any real Arsenal fan and would like nothing more than see Arsene wenger bring in the likes of David Villa , Wanyama and any player that would significantly strengthen the squad. That said I am not going to do what a lot of so call fans seem to be doing on various sites , blogs etc.. Crucify the manager if he does not buy. Yes I would be disappointed but if he does not sign anyone there is obvious a very good reason. It is frankly laughable when i see these idiots calling for his head and questioning his policies etc…Fact : we have qualified for champions league football every season under wenger and I am convinced we will again. Fact wenger is the most successful manager in the history of the club. Ok 7 years without a trophy is a long time but the fact the media etc..still harp on about this speaks volumes for the club. Arsenal are also set for a great future which will bring the silverware we all crave, if you look at the history of the club there has been barren spells before. i am not saying there are thing at the club that need to change but what I do say if we sign someone today great , fantastic..but if we don’t GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!

    1. Gentleman my heart cries for Arsenal but how can u expect the club to perform with Arsene sitting as Coach and GazdI as CEO. They have enjoyed at our cost.

  4. I wrote on Jan 1st AW will say we looked but the players we wanted were not available . His spin is worse then any MP

  5. It’s criminal if a left back is not signed today. We also NEED a PROPER Defensive Midfielder & an Experienced Keeper to challenge Szcezcny.
    The AKBs backing Wenger no matter what are the idiots. He has had long enough to rectify the groundhog day repetive same failings & he hasn’t done so. His winning teams of the past comprised skill, pace, strength & power. For 7 years now his teams have comprised skill, some pace & consistent fragility. Anybody including Wenger who is banking on so called ‘ FFP ‘ is a delusional idiot !

    1. Oh Rocky my good friend – I am glued to every transfer feed I find and its dragging me down into the melodramatic depression of many Arsenal fans. I don’t think I have ever felt so pessimistic about signings.

      Come on Arsene, prove me wrong!!


  6. Wenger after he sold RVP
    “yes we are a little light, if we do not buy at the end of this window, will will def buy in Janauary”
    Now he is saying his usual stuff about the right players/quality not being available in jan window.
    I cannot believe he gets away with lying to the fans every year.

  7. Just like you , i risk losing my job by surfing the web , frantically pressing F5 on NewsNow , hoping something concrete will come up. But i have now resigned to just switching off my pc and not looking until 12.01am . Wenger will not sign anyone , let alone the targets we are supposedly linked to. We as gooners will just do what we do best . be totally discontent with the running of the club ! and now with Gibbs out , we have another reason not to look forward to Bayern , Santos against Robben !!! GOD HELP US !!!!!!

  8. No 1 can dispute tht Wenger is one of the bst coaches in the world, but i think he is loosing it now. I hv a feeling he knew al along that he wont be signing any 1 this transfer window. Its senseless of him to wait till the final day of the window period wheras our rivals snatched players just at the start of this period. We seriously need a left -back, goalkeeper and at least one seasoned striker. When Gibbs is injured we have serious problms coz Santos always struggle to do the job. I think he’s more of a midfielder than a left-back.

  9. wenger is the best manager 2 manage ARSENAL but he can suck rite now , always late at transfer n trying 2 deal with available free transfer if any n which of low cost.. hate it … we wont even b in top 5 this season

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