Its at times like this that I’m glad I’m not a spurs fan. I might support Arsenal and suffer from perpetual disappointment, but at least I’m not a knut.

Naturally the Stoke game stirred up a whole nest of anguish and frustration from the Blogosphere and I just took it with a well used sigh and settled into a brief state of despair.

I’m done with that now though.

I remind myself that we don’t have a god-given right to win every game and if we don’t compete then we should lose. Well, we didn’t show anywhere near to our ability against Stoke, it was comical defending at times and that sums up our season.

I’ve read articles on the internet blaming Sczcesny for the 2nd goal, but to be honest, we can’t give with one hand and then take away, he’s a great talent but he is young and he will make mistakes but overall another game under his belt and he’s looking like a great talent.

There clearly are deficiencies in the squad, but I agree with Arsene and Bakary Sagna when they say it can be fixed on the training pitch. All you need is two central defenders and four attackers and a goalkeeper. One attacker to ping balls into the box, two central defenders to zonal mark and three attackers to attack the ball. It serves a multiple of purposes, it gets our defenders practicing dealing with balls into the box, its great catching practice for the keeper and its good practice for the likes of Bendtner, Chamakh and RvP to attack the ball and try and score.

Certainly I think we need the practice.

Its like those daft throws that Higginbotham does, if we were better schooled at dealing with crosses then surely we would be better at dealing with that.

Such a simple training exercise that the players could organise themselves, twenty mins a day and they would get much better, it seems they cannot get any worse.

Which highlights the issue with this squad. Where is the gumption to stay after training and work on weaknesses? David Beckham stayed after training every day to practice free kicks. He became one of the best in the world at dead-ball situations because he wanted to be the best and was prepared to put the hours in.

Arsene teaches our players to work together, to form combinations and attack. We have a very attack-minded squad so the defence and Song should stand and take responsibility for the defending. In this blameless squad however, I doubt I will ever see Cesc screaming at Djourou or Kosceiny over anything.

There isn’t a passion at Arsenal to do well. The defenders don’t seem to take pride in clean-sheets. Sczcesny should be strangling them as he needs them to work for him. If he is to retain the #1 jersey then he needs the defence to work harder for him.

For me, as a fan I need Arsenal to do better. I can’t keep watching us lose to Stoke, its killing me.