Niklas Bendtner, the talented Danish striker who has spent the majority of his adult life so far at Arsenal spent the last season on loan at Juventus in an effort to resurrect his career. What on earth has happened to that 16yr old, long blonde haired lad that I saw at Barnet so many years ago?


I don’t think anyone could argue that he isn’t talented, I think with the right encouragement and team around him he could be a really, really good player.  His lack of professionalism appears to have tainted what promised to be a top-level career. His partying lifestyle, then his champagne-lifestyle relationship with Caroline Iuel-Brockdorff and then his first child took his eyes off the ball somewhat and his career has stuttered ever since.

I’m not saying it’s a coincidence, but remember when he changed his squad number in pre-season? Could that have been the tipping point? It’s a ridiculous notion, but I cannot recall a decent game save perhaps his hat-trick against Porto since.

So what do we do with him? He still has time to run on his contract and as yet no suitors have appeared to take him off our hands. I would suspect we would accept a minimal transfer fee, but what happens if he comes back to us this summer?

This version of Arsenal is set up almost to suit Bendtner, in the same way it suits Giroud. Bendtner and Giroud are very similar,  Bendtner has a bit more pace, though not a lot more. Is there room in this squad for Bendtner? Only if his attitude has changed. I wouldn’t like to see the back of him necessarily, I always feel is is a mistake to let promising talent go if you can help it.

Would you like to see Bendtner still at Arsenal next season? If so, would you like him to compete with Giroud for the striker spot or would you prefer a new signing? With the transfer’s of Higuain and Jovetic still not agreed and the signing of the youthful Sanogo is Arsene waiting on Big Nik?

Good lord I hope not. I want a big marquee signing, a signing of intent. We need it.