Arsene knows best….twoddle. Supporters know best…also twoddle

Blind faith is often misleading and misplaced. Vigilante, knee-jerk reactions are also largely out of scale with the initial offence and without sensible thought or control.

I believe in a healthy middle ground. That is to say that I trust Arsene Wenger has Arsenals best interests at heart and is not driven by money or fame but ambition. A driving force within him to prove to everyone that football, in its purest artistic form can win titles.

I think that theory is flawed, beautiful but flawed. Football matches involve two teams trying to win the game, or at least, one team trying to win and the other trying not to lose. Which is at the heart of the problem. Not every team is interested in Football as a product, being more focused on the points at the end of each game and what that’s worth to them.

As you can see, I don’t agree with Wenger, but its the way we play football that I love. I remember the dreary days of George Graham and don’t remember enjoying the games in the same way that I do now. Naturally I don’t enjoy it when we lose, who does!! but when we pass the ball around and control possession there isn’t many teams that can touch us.

I can see the potential, I don’t need it to be sold to me as justification for our under-performance. I want success and trophies. I want to see the best players in the world at Arsenal. Project Yoof has had its day and its refreshing to hear the rumour mill linking us with a million different players, none of which I’m sure will grace Ashburton Grove, but I can dream. The latest of which is Papa Diakhate, a Senegalese mountain man standing tall at 6ft dead. According to Sagna he’s pretty good, aggressive and good at set pieces…its about time we got a nasty monster at the back and perhaps this guy is it…if it gets listed on that daft “Transfer Linked” feature on then don’t expect it to happen..

Also, the want-away Gallas still hasn’t confirmed where he’s orf to…long may he sit on the pitch at someone else’s stadium…maybe grow a backbone.

I think that’s it for today..just a question for my readers…..Am I the only one who thinks the Transfer Linked feature is so bloody stupid it cheapens everything else Arsenal try to do. “We don’t talk to the media about transfers..” but we now re-post the media’s rubbish on our website…

Onwards and upwards..

Keep em peeled!


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