13 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Best Captain Under Wenger? What do you think?”

  1. I went with Paddy V.
    Adams was the best, but wasn’t really Wengers captain, he’d already been club captain for years so was the obvious choice.

    RVP is good, but only been in the job 5 mins.

    The others mentioned were fair to middling.

    Paddy V for me was a warrior beast who would flat out refuse to lose and that spread throughout the whole team.

    1. GD
      I agree with you about Big Tone, which is why I left him out of the voting options.
      Paddy V was undoubtedly one of the best on-field warriors we have ever had, but as a spokesman for the club he was fairly quiet.
      I happen to think Robin has a better all round set of qualities as captain – but then it’s maybe a bit daft trying to split hairs between two such amazing talents.

        1. Rocky,

          Sorry, I thought he’d get a lot of mentions so I put him in because despite him not being an Arsene signing, I feel he led a renaissance of the old guard under Arsene and therefore Arsene did deserve some credit for adding extra longevity to the playing careers of the entire old back line.


  2. I went with Adams, although I do think its a shame that Gilberto was never our captain. There was a time when he definately deserved it.

    1. When AW gave the armband to Gallas ahead of Gilberto I really thought that was a mistake. We could really have done with another season or two out of Gilbs and he would have made a fine captain.
      Imagine how much more secure Cesc would have felt going forward if he knew Gilbs was covering behind him.

    2. I used to love Gilberto “the invisible wall”. Awesome player. Hardly ever got the credit he deserved for such a massive impact on the team. Very much missed.


  3. Wigan Gooner
    Thanks for letting me post on your excellent site.
    The quality of articles that you provide on here is way above most of what’s found in the Arsenal blog world.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      Thank you so much, though I fear you give my inane ramblings far too much credit 🙂

      Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am forever grateful for your kind words.


  4. RVP delivers,big time. He will be the Golden boot soon. Say you could replace him with any of the previous captains,which one will be comparable in delivery and unity? Not to mention respect,two Players of the year award from media and fellow professionals,plus a near certainty of the Golden boot accolade in the year of his captaincy? He would have taken the team to the title were the defense been not so leaky at times,a problem never got addressed for too long,just enjoy our captain when he leads.

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