8 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Chelsea – a thoughtful review”

  1. Hi WG, 🙂

    Glad you are back in circulation!

    A really good detailed appraisal of the match and you have not been afraid to mention some of the unfortunate failings from the game.

    You are also right to highlight the positives too, because despite the setback I feel very positive about this team and when they learn that defence comes first and from that, fluent attacking will naturally follow, I think we will move on to becoming a top, top team. Maybe even this season.

    1. Hi RA 🙂

      Thank you as always for your fair comments. Your input is invaluable and as good a moral compass as a blogger might ever need.


      P.S. I got featured on the arsenal media watch page today 🙂

  2. Good, thoughtful piece Wiggy.

    It’s worrying that the Verm is continuing with some of the bad habits he developed last season. During his first year with us he was absolutely exemplary and it would be interesting to know what the problem is. He seems too impetuous at times – whether by diving in unnecessarily or by charging upfield at inappropriate times.

    I feel we need at least three wins and a draw from the next four games. We have had as tough an opening set of fixtures as I can remember for years and I think we’ll start motoring up the table with the games against lower placed teams provided – as you say – we take them seriously.

    Last year some of those games were our undoing, particularly because of our vulnerability when the opposition broke away. Our better defensive organisation this year (notwithstanding the mistakes against Chelsea) should stand us in good stead against these teams.

    Finally it’s worth remembering that Chelsea are a very good team this year. From what I have seen they are favourites for the title, so our performance needs to be viewed in that context.

    I am still very optimistic for this season.

    1. Hi Rocky 🙂

      The Verm has a problem in as such that his desire to compete, to fight for everything (one of his greatest qualities) can also be his downfall.

      Because he tries to resolve every situation straight away rather than remaining composed he makes poor, rash decisions in places that tend to be dangerous.

      Someone just needs to have a word and tell him to trust his teammates a bit more.


  3. Redders
    Nice to see you being so openly optimistic about our prospects 🙂

    Normally you are a bit more circumspect…

  4. arsenal f c love 4 podolski santi cazorla vermaelen koscielny alex oxlade chamberlain thomas eisfeld a diaby tomas rosicky mikei arteta jack wilshere

  5. I cant say am happy with what i saw, cos we were playing at home and so we should not be loosing games like this at home. I also blame Wenger for our defeat and not the defence because i dont understand why Gervinho is playing as a CF while Poldo is on the left wing and Giroud was sitting on the bench

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting. I guess one thing we can’t really argue with is Gervinho’s scoring rate. In 6 games he has scored 3 goals. Not too shabby, but Giroud or Poldi given those chances would have buried most of them including those Gervinho missed.


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