About the blog

The Blog was born in April 2010 and has been receiving regular updates ever since. During its run so far I have recruited help in editing and proof-reading to ensure the content is fresh and tidy.

We have now upgraded to our own domain and have changed our blogging platform too! Exciting times!

Our Blog staff are as follows

Me – Main Author and Editor
D-Man – Editor and Proof-reader
Woo – Proof-reader

About the original WiganGooner

Name: Graeme Rawlings


Occupation: I.T. Support Manager


I’ve been an Arsenal fan for as long as I can remember. Originally based down in a seaside town called Broadstairs in Kent, I moved up to Wigan 5 years ago. I come from a long family line of Gooners and have seen them a lot at both Highbury and the Emirates. I love playing and watching football and had a decent Sunday league career before I hung up my boots due to persistent injuries.

Thank you for reading.