A trying week – Theo to sign?

Well it’s been a trying week, I’m on my 12th day straight of working, Theo still hasn’t signed and my website has been hacked several times this week. Very annoying indeed.

So where is Arsenal at the moment? After a convincing win against Swansea which really showcased how much of a difference Abou Diaby can make to our side we are rapidly approaching Chelski on Sunday. Arsene said after the game that he is very confident Theo will sign, but sensibly the club are waiting for him to put pen to paper before heading out on transfer business. After all, we only know how much is in the kitty once the Theo situation is resolved, if he doesn’t sign we need to sign a replacement now, not in the summer.


There are plenty of names being bandied about and you know it’s not my style to start going over the rumours like carrion crow over a battlefield, but there are certainly some rumours that pique my interest and some that make me laugh. Cavani? Are you having a laugh? We’re more likely to sign his cousin (3rd removed) who once played 90 minutes in a sunday league game on hackney marshes.

Let’s be very honest. When all the talking is about big money to spend, don’t be surprised if we nab a few bargains instead. Diame for one. Allegedly he has a low buyout clause in his contract, so he’d be a good choice and good backup for Diaby. I think we need a winger too, although if Gnabry can get near the team, or we can recall Miyaichi and he gets match fit then perhaps that won’t be such an issue, but with Theo asking for more time up front, we need a replacement. Arsene is allergic to Arshavin, so we need to buy someone lest he continue to be tempted to play Rambo out there.

I liked our midfield against Swansea a lot. Interchangeable players, moving with pace and really getting at the opposition. It was like the Arsenal of old at times and it all worked around the excellent Diaby. Make no bones about it, when fit he is a cracking player and he dominates sides. If only he could get on the pitch more often. I do think Diame is a ready made replacement for him, so I hope Arsene takes a punt on him. He fits the bill and he is cheap. I’ll not be surprised if noone comes in though, “the right players weren’t available” and all that…”Theo signing was like buying a new player” etc. Coquelin’s performance against Swansea might con Arsene that investment in the midfield isn’t required, but I’m not convinced. Coquelin was good, but he has the inconsistency of youth in him.

I hope we take the opportunity this window offers and strengthen, add some needed talent to our squad. Strengthen our bench a little. We need to have big players to come on as a sub. Super attacking talent. Someone who can come on and the entire Emirates crowd will think “it’s alright, he always scores”. When was the last time we were able to bring on a sub and think that he might change the game significantly? Perhaps the last time we brought on Giroud, (who has been excellent in his first season) and put him up top after a shameful 70 mins of Theo running down blind alleys?

Just to be clear, I like Theo, I rate him and I think he is a really good inside-forward. He can get at players and affect a game in a way that noone else in our squad can, but he can’t do it as a centre-forward. (watch him score a hat-trick against Chelski and the hapless Terry now:))

That’ll do for my musings for the day, pre-match to come tomorrow. Til then Gooner’s!!



2 thoughts on “A trying week – Theo to sign?”

  1. Hey WG, some fine musing there! πŸ™‚

    Great to see your weblog up and running again, and I hope you don’t face more problems.

    Theo signed da ting now, so we can move on. We both still want a beast of a DM and you could be right with regards to Diame.

    Let’s watch this space!

    1. Hi Total,

      Me too, what a nightmare! Still, these things are sent to try us πŸ™‚

      Glad Theo signed, it would be interesting to see if any top clubs actually enquired about him but I am delighted he is staying with us. The very minimum requirement was to keep our squad together this season and secure the players futures.
      Let’s hope now Arsene can concentrate on improving the squad and perhaps get Sagna to commit to a new deal too!


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