A Clear Statement of Intent

Well, what a day yesterday was. I don’t think I’ve had a transfer deadline day (which never used to be a thing..but is now a thing… a terrible, screen refreshing, frantically swiping on twitter thing that ruined a potentially productive day with incredible excitement and occasional boredom) like it.

Over the course of the transfer window, this happened;

I mean… shit off… what a transfer window that was!!

I really want to talk about yesterday and how it made me feel and well…this is my blog. So I can do that.

Kieran Tierney to Arsenal has rumbled on, I expected it to get done so I was pleased to see it get over the line so sensibly. I’d been briefed that such a deal was well within our reach and we’d had assurances that we’d get our man at the right price and we did. No messing, no 40mil plus a pound. Pay the Piper and get your tune. Which we did. Refreshingly.

It shows a sensibility and thought towards sucession planning with Nacho in the october of his football career and Kolasinac not really cutting the mustard as a left-back. It would make sense to me to move Kola on this summer if we can. He is on big money and would attract a fee. Money that can be well spent in January.

Well spent on another top class centre-back to replace Sokratis long term perhaps? I suspect that depends on Chambers’ progression this season.

Talking of Centre-Backs (and I’ve bitten my lip a lot on this one), let’s talk Laurent Koscielny. Our club captain, a player of 9 years with Arsenal decided to force a move out of the club. I don’t want to go over it because I think there is a lot of emotion attached to it and I’m trying to see it as such that the players see football as their job with Arsenal just their employer.

Expecting them to have a similar attachment to Arsenal as I do is unfair. Expecting them to respect the badge and the club isn’t. That said, if I decided that I wanted to move jobs for whatever reason, then emotionally I would already be out of that job and be ready for the next chapter.

Footballers are paid handsomely to honour their contracts, so the above shouldn’t be true, but in a world of increasing player power, they do what they want. That shouldn’t be a surprise but emotionally I felt Koscielny had more of a connection to Arsenal than that and I guess that is why I feel so disappointed with him. I wish him well, but I think in time he will regret tarnishing his reputation with us.

Being over a barrell as such, Arsenal acted in the best way. We extracted as best a fee as we could get and moved him on. He made his position untenable and we did the best we could.

Arsenal brought in David Luiz, Brazils answer to Sideshow Bob. It’s worth pointing out this isn’t a like for like replacement. Luiz isn’t an interceptor as Koscielny used to be. Luiz is a footballer who likes to get on the ball and dictate play out from the back. He could be an excellent mentor to Rob Holding. I’m certain his relationship with Emery from PSG will have helped with this, Emery knows him and trusts him. He knows what Luiz can offer and now, with the new goal kick rules, having a serious ball player at the back will be powerful.

Is it great business? At 32, Luiz is two years Koscielny’s junior and he has a wealth of experience at the very top level of football. He’s a character and will bring something to the team. For a net spend of 3 million, I think that’s a cracking deal. I also think it’s significantly weakened Chelski, which tickles me somewhat.

All in all, a very successful day.

Til next time.


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