5 thoughts on “A Champion response to immense pressure”

  1. That is a great write up WG, and I’m sorry I did not see it on NewNow at the time.

    There was so much going on, as well as all the papers I had to buy to read their reports, I just missed it.

    Hopefully it would have been read, widely, because it is just the way many of us would have seen it.

    I have always liked Rosicky, but to be honest, I did not think he would ever achieve those heights again after his injury. He was certainly magnificent on the day!!

    1. Howdo RA 🙂

      Thanks, there is certainly no need for apology 🙂

      Rosicky is a player I admire and always have. He has exceptionally quick feet and his ability to turn at pace and change the speed and direction of movement of the ball is very good. I think he is best when receiving the ball on the run as he can really make a difference with his vision. In short, I love the little guy. His one-touch game is awesome.

      Thanks again


  2. Great match report WG. Very interesting point about the team being able to change shape/formation a few times during the game, when playing with Yossi. Let’s see whether he’ll start again against the Dippers!

    1. Hi TA,

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I certainly hope we stay injury free (fingers crossed RvP’s dodgy groin isn’t risked tonight) and keep our players for the weekend!!


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