A case for the defence

Arsenal are in a quandrary…Personally I think from day 1 they expected Sol to sign on again. I really believe it. Up until his confirmed departure to Newcastle whilst Wenger acknowledged that nothing was certain and reinforcements may be required. Now we’re in a hole.

We need to sign a minimum of two Centre Backs, but the real problem is everyone knows it. Add a couple of million (at least)on the price tag of every defender that a rumour sprouts about. It also leaves us with a severe lack of Premiership experience in central defence. Vermaelen has only completed one season and Djourou has never completed a season due to injury. Koscielny naturally is the newbie and will look to them for advice, player information and general tips.

We really need to sign an experienced Premier League defender, at least one. Its not a want, or a wish, nor a thought borne out of too much Football Manager, its a NEED. We need someone who can just drop in and play from Day 1, like the Verminator was able to do because he had Gallas and a bit later on Sol to talk to him and guide him. I’m not going to start throwing names at you. We all know who Arsenal are linked with now and in the past, I have my favourites and I’ll hold them close to my chest for now. IWBIWISI (I will believe it when I see it) will keep me from any unnecessary disappointment.

I’m looking forward to the games this weekend, I’ll be watching Arsenal v Celtic in glorious 3D at my local watering hole, so that should be a laff đŸ™‚

Til next time Gooners.

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