A bit more like it!

Well that was a pretty pleasant Sunday after all!

Not only did we have a rather wonderful win over those ghastly Stoke City players, but ManYoo also had a wonderful defeat at the hands of Southampton. My cup runneth over with delight.

Sanchez scoring a worldy - picture courtesy of the BBC

Concentrating on Arsenal however (with this being an Arsenal blog and all that ), it was wonderful to see us control a game for 90 minutes. The effervescent Alexis continues to ignite Santi Cazorla and the diminutive Spaniard once again stole the show along with Alexis. I could certainly get used to his high-octane pressing game we are playing in the final third.

A big part of the success of the game can be attributed to the relentless way our attacking players harassed the Stoke midfield and defence. Stoke found it increasingly difficult to play out through the lines, leaving long balls up to Crouch as their only option. This took Bojan out of the game and as a result he was largely ineffective. The high-pressing allowed Coquelin to sit and cover the back four which again he did with confidence and put in another great shift.

Another player who performed extremely well was the Ox, whose work-rate down the right was tireless and was a big part of our success going forwards, what a player he is going to be.

Of course, its not all fun, my thoughts go out to Mathieu Debuchy who dislocated his shoulder following a robust shove by Arnautovic when a ball was running out of play. A rather foolish thing to do by Arnautovic, showing a complete lack of respect to a fellow professional. I hope the FA are able to look at it and take the necessary retrospective action, albeit I doubt they will.

Replacing Debuchy on the field was Hector Bellerin, the speedy Spaniard, who had a great game at Right-Back. He was great going forwards and snapped into challenges really well. This boy is a real talent. He has bags of pace and reads the game well. If he continues this progress then he will be the future right-back of Arsenal, he has everything in his locker that Arsene loves in a right-back.

So in short, lots of positives. The only negative is Debuchy. I feel for the guy, I hope he isn’t out for too long.

Til tomorrow.


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