I mean really, could you just imagine if them idiots from down the road won the league? Well done to Leicester City. A fairytale it isn’t but it makes great copy and they deserved to win it, even though they didn’t do it in a way that necessarily makes me think of them as a great side. They’ve mastered the dark arts though and that in itself deserves some credit. They have taken the game and wrung the life out of it and smashed this league. They won’t do it next season, but for now, enjoy it.


It’s back on now, we’re within three points of the Spuds and plenty of opportunity to get them…. well….two opportunities, but got to be optimistic. ┬áIt would upset me if they finished above us albeit I can hardly excuse the fact that we have let it happen. Arsenal are always the architects of their own downfall and we can point to numerous occasions this season where we have thrown away points.

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