After the West Ham result I wanted him back. For all the criticism that the BFG collects, I don’t think he gets enough credit when he does well. The BFG is just that – he is a big, lumbering centre-back, but that isn’t all he is and to judge him as such and to just label him as such without appreciating his overall game is foolish and lacks honesty.

Per has made a career in football by being one-paced, but his reading of the game is excellent. He has beaten many strikers not with pace, but with positioning and anticipation. How many times have we seen him stick out a leg and stop a striker – to the dismay of many a commentator who lazily suggest its luck, or by his very nature having long legs which save his embarrassment.


Tonight we have seen the BFG at his best and with him, a more confident, assured Koscielny. Gabriel might be the future, but he is no direct replacement for the BFG.

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