Revered in France, highly respected across Europe and of course the globe for the brand of football that he created at Arsenal. In years past the French leagues used to be his hunting grounds, unearthing gems from obscurity, shaping and buffing them into sparking diamonds.


Where can he go now, the quality of the French talent has dropped firstly in relation to the Spanish and now Germany. We all know these things tend to go in cycles, but now is not the time for France. In Germany, Pep Guardiola is swiftly vacuuming up the top talent in the Bundesliga, so what is left for Arsene? Will he look at top talent like Cavani or Falcao? I honestly don’t believe he would because you cannot add shine to a star and Arsene makes stars, he doesn’t buy them.

Will he take a considered punt on Loic Remy, the talented forward at the relegated QPR? He has a rumoured escape clause of around 8m and it would be an easy transition for the Frenchman who is oft likened to Henry. Personally, I think he is more of an Anelka type, who relies on mobility and positioning rather than his ability to beat a man with pace.

It is clear to see for me that we need to score more goals, we need someone like Remy, but would the fans be satisfied with him? Are we fans so frustrated that we need to see a bigger sign of intent? Do we need to sign a Cavani? Or do we just need to make the right purchases in the positions where its required. In my opinion we need a new Defensive Midfielder and another top Striker. In terms of Defenders, we need to look and see what happens with the Sagna situation, if he stays then I would be happy for him to mentor Jenkinson and bring him along and share the right-back duties with him.

If Vermaelen goes then we need to take a serious look at Iggy Miquel, who at some point we need to show him the path to the first team or we will lose him and I think he is too good to let go. I think he could step up and slot in, he’s mobile, good in the air and he is fearless. He has an awful lot of promise.

Lots of things to consider, but first lets smash Newcastle at the weekend to make sure of European Qualification and then we can get introspective about Arsenal and start rebuilding for 2013-14.