Arsenal fans could be forgiven for chalking up this season as a case of  Déjà vu. We sold sold our best player in the summer to bitter rivals ManYoo and replaced him with what is perceived in some quarters to be with inferior players. Performances this season have been lacklustre at times and we have oft been reminded that this is a direct effect of Robin van Persie’s departure. We have struggled for goals at times and we have not been able to string a decent run of wins together. As the season has progressed, there have been some positive elements to Arsenal’s performances, but plenty of negatives for the media to pick up on and use as their club to beat us with. Nothing sells more newspapers than despair but you won’t ever find much of that here.


There are clear positives to bring out right now. 1) We are challenging for 3rd spot in the Premier League, if results go our way we could even raise our ambitions to an even loftier state. 2) We are in a run right now and confidence is high, defensively and offensively we are performing and that has been a difficult thing for us to achieve this season. 3) Whilst Giroud isn’t banging in 30 goals just yet, we are managing to spread the goals around which makes us a better overall team, rather than being reliant on one super player. 4) You might lament his departure, but I liked the way we dealt with the Song transfer, he touted himself about, make his intentions clear so we shipped him out. No messing, no fuss and we made a killing on the deal. Perhaps Barca won’t be too keen to take another player in the short-term.

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