We find ourselves at the business end of the season. Teams with nothing to play for now start thinking of warm beaches, blue seas and elaborate cocktails delivered by a nubile waitress on a pittance whilst they laze for days upon end during the hellish period of the close season.

For us it’s just plain limbo, we yearn for every scrap of news about football. Be it signings, rumour, managerial changes , we just want anything to sate our desire for football. For the players it is a well earned rest, a chance to recharge those batteries and re-focus on the new season, or look forward to new adventures with a new club.
Tomas Rosicky is the anti-thesis of this as he seems to turn up towards the end of the season. This is largely due to Arsene leaving him out of the starting eleven earlier on in the season, but Arsene knows what Tomas can give us at this stage of the season. Where Arshavin continues to wander in the football wilderness, Tomas is blazing a path of professionalism, dedication and desire. He is the taper that can set our season alight and finish with a bang. Preferably with that bang ensuring Chelski and Spurs finish below us once again.

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